New WhatsApp Update for iOS Lets You Download All Of Your Record




In order to provide the clear mirror to users and keep users data safe in the data center, major social giants are updating their policy to comply their service with new GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation). This storm has also taken WhatsApp Inc. in it. Already WhatsApp has rolled out a new update on Android which allows users to download all of their data available on WhatsApp server. Now, the same update is available for iOS users on App Store. Please note down the version number: 2.18.60.

WhatsApp claims that this new update now follows the GDPR regulations. I know the majority of people don’t what exactly it is so, I have mentioned the GDPR at the end of this topic.

What New Feature Does?

Firstly you will need to update your WhatsApp application from the App Store. Once done you can find the newly added feature by going on the following path. Settings> Account. Where you will see a new option added by the WhatsApp called the “Request Account Info“. This thing is unveiled by the WABetaInfo which is the big source for anything related WhatsApp. You can see this new option in that image.

When you open that option you will find another screen as shown in the image. From where the user can download the full report of their WhatsApp data which is stored in the WhatsApp server. You can see there is line says “Your report will be ready in about 3 days.” So WhatsApp will send you whole report and you can download it on your device. Once WhatsApp will send you a report, your whole data will be deleted after 30 days from their server.

WhatsApp is really making trying to make their server even more secure and safe. Under that, we can say this new feature is mainly released to allow users to keep an eye on their data. Once user will get that data from the WhatsApp it will be deleted from their server in order to keep privacy.

Let’s Talk GDPR

Starting from its full name, General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR, which takes effect May 25, 2018, is designed to unify data privacy requirements across the European Union (EU). So, basically, it aims to provide the full control to the users, customers, and employees over their private data.

GDPR is the privacy law which is introduced by the European Union. Under this law, all the companies have to change their privacy policy and they have to provide the full control to their users on their private data. For the all huge tech companies like Apple, Google, etc. they have to introduce the new feature which should follow the GDPR guidelines. The last date is May 25, 2018. So WhatsApp is doing the same. They have already launched this new feature lined with the GDPR guidelines.



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