Nokia has launched the modified version of Nokia 3310 and again they made their older device live in market. However, this new modified design of Nokia 3310 has some limited or you can say no upgraded features.

Nokia is planning to launch again their Nokia 3310 but yes, it is upgraded version. However, there are no any information about specifications. The recent pictures of Nokia 3310 has been officially available on TENNA website.

This new Nokia device name as a Nokia 3310 4G and the Model is TA-1077. As per recent news, Nokia 3310 received a certification in China. This happened this month few day ago. Which is officially said as a Nokia 3310 4G. The images which were spotted on TENNA is attached below.

Including more information they have said that the this new Nokia 3310 4G will be powered by YunOS. For them who don’t know, YunOS is an Android based operating system from China’s Alibaba. Although there is no any single information available which gives details about when it will be available in the market.