Nokia 9 PureView Teardown View Reveals Smart Setup of Five Cameras




HMD Global has pulled off the world’s first Penta-camera phone Nokia 9 PureView. And we walked through its mind-blowing image samples. Although the device runs over Snapdragon 845 chipset, the Penta-camera setup wins the show. To capture detailed images, the company has developed whole new camera software that let users capture images through all five cameras and at the end merge all of them into one.

Thanks to the PBKreviews, Nokia 9 PureView teardown video is now live and we can see how HMD Global managed to put five cameras into the device hood. So, to teardown device, the first priority is a heat gun and pry tools. The back panel is attached with the higher amount if adhesives and to take it off without breaking, a proper amount of heating is required.


Once removed, there is another layer of protection added with the plastic frame around the camera sensors over the motherboard. And after removing necessary screws, the plastic frame can be pulled off and disconnecting the connectors, the front camera can be removed easily.

The motherboard can be pulled off which lifts the five camera setup with it. Although, one cannot easily disconnect the five cameras from the motherboard. The cameras are well managed with the stainless steel frame over the back without any kind of screws.

You can watch the teardown video here



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