Nokia Camera with Pro Camera Mode is Now Available for Other Android Devices As Well




You may have seen the Nokia Lumia smartphones in the past and I guess some of you have used it as well. Anyways, how can we forget that mind-blowing camera result? This is why Nokia has good relations with the headlines. The company has broken the records with the lately announced Pro Mode in its camera. Using that one can adjust exposure, shutter speed, etc. parameters. That helps to click the best picture.

In the past, the Nokia Camera was not available for other devices. The only way to use is to use Nokia device. But, thanks to the dedicated developer community who have worked on this app to make it available on Android devices to use for other users. The application has now Pro Camera mode available in the update. So, one can click the pictures with Nokia Camera app on their own Android device.


  • Smartphone having┬áLevel 3 Camera2 API

Well, the users do not know their phone has Level 3 Camera2 API or not. But, as mentioned in XDA-Developers thread, Xiaomi smartphone will not support this application over MIUI, OnePlus and also some other Android device comes with the custom UI. But, you can try out on your Android device.

To check your device’s Camera2 API Level, head over here and install an app on your Android device. It will show, whether your device supports Camera2 API or not and if yes, then which level.

If you found that your device supports Level 3 Camera2 API, you can install Nokia Camera with Pro Features on your Android device to take more clear images. However, please keep in mind the the application can sometime does not work because of the instability in particular platform.

Download Nokia Camera with Pro Features



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