Only 8 days left in Marvel Avengers: Infinity War movie to come in cinemas. Coming onto the mobile phone companies, looks like they do not want to miss a chance to launch their phones with the tag of ‘Special Edition‘. OnePlus has plans to launch Avenger themed OnePlus 6 device in India soon. However, we are in the dark of the exact release date.

The well-known mobile phone brand OnePlus has recently confirmed that the com[any is partnering with the Marvel t launch their upcoming OnePlus 6 device with the tag of ‘Avenger Based Special Edition.’ Considering their OnePlus 5 and 5T’s selling numbers, undoubtedly OnePlus 6 will be exclusive in the Indian markets. Last year OnePlus has launched their Star Wars edition OnePlus 5T device.

During the discussion of OnePlus with the Android Central, they said, “OnePlus association with Marvel Studios is a manifestation of the enduring love and support they have garnered from its respective community over the years with a purpose to go beyond the ordinary and achieve groundbreaking innovations in mobile technology only to create the best user experiences.” Further, they added, “marks a step towards strengthening our association with Disney India.”

If you keep yourself updated with the mobile phone leaks and rumors, you probably know that still, there are not any images of the Avenger Edition OnePlus 6 device. Also, still, we don’t even know the official event date. However, if you consider their Star War edition OnePlus 5T device, OnePlus has released that device on the same day, when the movie was released. Avengers: Infinity War movie is going to hit the theaters on April 27th in India and US. So, there are chances for OnePlus 6 device to get unveiled on the same day or near to that date.

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