People Searching for Fortnite, PUBG and Pokemon on ‘PornHub’

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Epic Game’s Fortnite got so much popularity and it is now one step to break the record of recently launched PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). However, the Fortnite game is the invite-only game whereas PUBG (you should call it pub-gee) is available for everyone on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

These games are breaking the record and now they are so much popular in the Adults. It is surprising that people are searching for these games on an adult website – PornHub. PornHub has recently released its searches done by the visitors for the Fortnite on this website. They found that people are searching so much for the ‘Fortnite’ game and the searches are increased suddenly. This has happened when the game developers have announced their Battle Royale mode. So, PornHub has said that the search spikes of Fortnite is generally coinciding with the update of the game.

You can in the above image which shows the ‘Fortnite Search Popularity.’ Searches spiked so much on the PornHub after 2018. This is the exact time when Fortnite was released.

After this some interesting details, PornHub decided to get the in-depth look. They found some keywords from the analytics. People are searching for the ‘Fortnite Hentai‘, ‘Fortnite Porn‘, and ‘Fortnite Battle Royale‘. These are the three keywords for what people are searching most. Also, the company has analyzed which country is searching most on PornHub and how much male and female visitors searching for the Fortnite.

They found 361% visitors who come between the age criteria 18-24 searching for the Fortnite game. Also, the separated data of male and female visitors shows the 136% of male users most likely searching for this game.

Furthermore, it really makes me laugh that people also searching for the Pokemon GO game on the PornHub. The recent data says everything.



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