PITTA – Transformative Autonomous 4K Selfie Drone




We have seen many drones around us. Well, all of them are having different designs and functionality. Technology is getting smart day to day. I found an amazing piece of tech for you today. That is PITTA. This is not any person name. This is a Transformative Autonomous 4K Selfie Drone.

PITTA is an Autonomous drone which is complete works just handsfree. This drone has some really amazing features. It is completely learned and sees everything that comes in its way. PITTA makers have made their drone with some unique abilities.

Pic From: Kickstarter

PITTA detects everything by itself. It has GPS included so if you want to send it a little piece of tech anywhere far away from your home, no worries. You can send. If there are any obstacles its sensor will automatically detect and takes the decision to pass through it. If you want that PITTA comes with you and automatically shoot you then it can. This drone comes with the unique sensors and software that can track any person that you have selected while operating it. It will automatically go with it and tracks it and this feature called as an Auto-Follow.

As per PITTA drone maker says, there four type of camera or we can say four type of use in this one drone. This one PITTA, you can use it as a Selfie Drone, Action Camera, Auto Follow Drone and Orbit Panorama. Different modes of the drone have some different features. As an action camera, it can take burst shots, 60fps Slow-mo video, and time-lapse.

When it comes to some new product we also consider Weight and the size after it’s main features. PITTA under 200g (7oz) with 170mm (6.7in) of diagonal distance. It is as very light and portable as a smartphone that is easy to hold in one hand – which makes takeoff & landing easily even with just one hand.

As per mentioned on Kickstarter, the company who has first developed this drone is Eyedea, Inc. The company has planned the goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter and now they have over $229,366 collected. If you want to give your pledge then you can do it and for your given pledge they have some surprise for you.



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