Pixel 3 Wishlist: Google needs to Implement This Features




Pixel 2 was an overall good device. Except for few things like screen burn/ blue tilt issue Pixel 2 won hearts. Smooth Android experience with some good hardware is like heaven. As Pixel 2 was a success, people are waiting for the pixel 3 for several reasons. I am really excited to see this device and I have some expectation from it.

Pixel 3: WishList

Pixel 2 lacks many things and had some issue with that. If Google solves this issue and this feature Pixel 3 will be a big hit.

#1. Better Design

Google made a boring design with pixel 2 in 2017. iPhone and Samsung were competing for each other by improving better display and build where Google went for the more bezels and boring design. I like the back though, with two colors combination it looks really good.

Pixel 2 was made by LG and HTC so the Pixel 3 will more likely be made by the HTC because Google paid 1 billion dollars to hire HTC crew to work on pixel devices. Hopefully, the team will work on the design this time.

#2. Improve Display

I am not complaining or anything but the display wasn’t that good in last device and users seems not like it. The display is the main part of the mobile phone. When you are paying such high amount you expect better display. I believe Google will work more on the display for their next pixel devices.

#3. Camera

We all know Pixel 2 was one of the BEST camera phone available in the market. Now we have got Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 pro with triple camera but still many prefer Pixel 2 camera result over this 2 devices. Undoubtedly this both are really good device and cameras are beast. Google killed it with the camera quality with the single lens. I really wish they implement dual camera this time and breaks all DxO mark records. XD

#4. Carrier Phones

Google should start selling carrier phones so everyone can get benefits. Verizon was only brand selling exclusive Pixel 2. So those who don’t use Verizon they have to buy from Google and not get carrier benefits. For those who buy directly from Google, they don’t need worry.

#5. No NOTCH Please!

Notch is the worst trend of 2018. Android P support notch on the devices so is Google Pixel 3 comes with notch? I am not sure. OnePlus 6, Lg G7, Huawei P20 pro, and many other flagship and midrange coming to market with the notch. I personally don’t like the notch and pretty much sure many people don’t like it. Let’s hope Google doesn’t go with the notch design.

#6. Headphone Jack

I use headphone jack all the time. I know it’s not coming back but if they can, they should. It’s the necessary thing. Samsung makes really good design and they are able to keep that jack so why can’t google.

#7. Match Specification

Of course, Google will follow that. That would be awesome if they give more RAM this time. Match the specification again and make it a beast.

So, this is my Pixel 3 wishlist, let me know in comments what more features you want to see in Google’s Pixel 3 device.



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