Prerequisite to Sell Your Android Phone: Important Guide

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We are living in the world where the everyday new phone comes in the market. If you purchase your device today, you will find it old just by after a one day. Well, this is not a strange thing. Yes, it also happened to me. New phones catch my eyes on it and I feel like to sell my older device for the best price so the effective price can become the smaller on the new purchase.

To take care of all things of your data before you sell your phone is like a headache. For me, it is the so much boring thing ever. But let’s make these all things so simple and interesting. I am here with the complete step-by-step guide that you should follow before you go to sell your Android device on the market.

Backup Your Data

Image Courtesy: The Verge

The first thing you will do with your older phone is the backup your data. This might be annoying for you if you do not have turned on the synchronization of your data with your Google Account. In my case, I always keep synchronization turned on. So, for now, let us assume you have associated your data with your Google Account. So, everything including your photos, contacts, calendar, e-mails, reminders, notes, etc. are backed up on your Google Account.

Now, whenever you will purchase the new device, you just have to add your Google Account and that’s it. Everything you will get back. There is a number of trustable platforms to back up your data easily and fast. However, I recommend using Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive. My experience is great with these all platforms. If you do not have turned on the cloud synchronization, you have to transfer all of your device data on your computer using the provided USB cable.

Remove SIM and SD Card

Image: Android Central

Heading over to the next step. You will remove tiny pieces of the Plastic. That’s your SIM card and SD card. The SIM card is important for everyone which allows you to make the phone calls and you do not want to sell it with your older device. Your SIM card is also associated with your active data plans. You can keep usage continued with your newer phone.

The second thing you should take care about the SD card. However, not every mobile phone manufacturers providing SD card support. So, frankly speaking, if your device has not, you can skip this part. It is obvious SD card have some important necessary files which you do not want to lose by any means. It can be your documents, photos, videos, etc. So, just pull it off from the older device.

Factory Data Reset

Image Courtesy: Android Central

Hope all of your data either in the cloud or on the computer. Your data is safe. Now, you can perform the Factory Data Reset. This will basically swipe all of your data from your Android device and make it super clean. If you have added your Google Accounts or any other accounts on your device, by wiping your device it will be gone off. Strictly speaking, this is the must needed step whenever you are going to sell you any device. If any of your important data you left on your device, you can think how risky it can be.

Generally on all Android device the ‘Backup and Reset’ option is available under the Settings> System> Reset Option. However, if you cannot manage to find it you can use the search bar provided in the Settings.

Make Your Device Look Clean

Image Courtesy: 9to5Google

We have done everything with the software. It is time to make it look clean. If your device has a removable battery, you can pull the back cover off and remove the battery. Clean it from the inside using any cloth. I prefer to use the microfiber cloth. It works better. Give the gentle wipe to your device.

Coming on the front part. Make sure to clean the display with the cleaning liquid. Cleaner removes fingerprints and smudges without harsh solvent.

Gather Important Documents

You are going to sell your phone. So, it is important to make sure that you have all that necessary documents which mobile company has provided when you did the purchase. Firstly it includes your device Invoice. It is the most important. Without invoice you cannot sell your device and also you should not buy any new device. If you are selling your device online on any website than it doesn’t require the invoice because all of your records obtained from your device IMEI number.

Secondly, it includes your device warranty card. If your device has completed the time period than it is not necessary to provide it.

Get All Accessories

This is my advice to sell your phone with the box with provided original accessories. It will slightly increase the rate of your device. You have all original accessories that mean you are not lying to people. You can ask for as possible as the higher rate to your buyer. Gather all the accessories including charger, headphones, manual book (not necessary) and place it in the box in the same position as you got them all while you were unboxing your device for the first time. At the end place your device in the box.

Sell Your Phone

Now you are good to go to sell your Android device. This complete guide can help you to get as possible as the higher rate of your device. I tried to make it so much interesting. So, you can simply remember everything and perform the steps whenever you are going to sell your device.



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