PUBG 0.8 Update Will Bring New Map (Sanhok), New Vehicle (Mirado), A New Weapon (QBZ95).




Battleground’s PUBG Mobile is one of the best and trending game right now all around the world. People going crazy about this game since it’s launched. The limitation of maps, fewer vehicles, So people wanted more of that and guess what PUBG Mobile next version will include all this stuff.

The developer is trying to make is like the PUBG PC. They are improving it with every update to get more daily players. Millions of players playing this game daily and the numbers keep increasing.

What’s New Coming With 0.8 PUBG Mobile Update? 

#1. New Map: 

New Map called Sanhok will be added with this update. The maps are limited in the mobile version and that’s the most awaited feature right now.

#2. New Vehicle: 

The new vehicle called Mirado will be added to the 0.8 version of PUBG Mobile. However, this vehicle will be limited to the Miramar Map.

#3. New Weapon:

There is no news about how the weapon will look alike or whether it will be SMG or Rifle. The weapon called QBZ95 will be added to the game.

#4. FPP Driving: 

In the latest version, the new mode called FPP is added. But it’s limited yet. You can’t drive in FPP mode. So the newer version will allow you to drive in FPP mode.

#5. Bunch of Small Improvements


I am really impressed with how the developer is trying to make it look like the PC version of PUBG. This features will be added to the version 0.8 and it might launch at the end of the July month.



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