How to Remove ADs in YouTube from Videos in iPhone?




Ads are really annoying every time when you open YouTube videos. Some of them are skippable while some are not. You have to watch them at least for the 5 seconds. If the video is too long more than 10 minutes the Ads gets displayed on the several intervals by the YouTube which annoys the viewers too much.

Blocking of Ads from YouTube may be the impossible. You can use different AdBlockers to block the Ads from the applications in your iOS device. However, they all work over a VPN which may be consumes more battery of your device that’s everyone doesn’t like.

I am here with the best trick for every iOS user who wants to block the Ad from the YouTube app without using an AdBlocker. This is stupidly easy to do. Just follow my steps. With the blocking of Ads, you can also download videos on your iOS device and share them with your friends.

Quick Look

  1. Open Provided Link
  2. Download Profile
  3. Open App and Search
  4. All Set

Let’s Start

01. Open Provided Link

Blocking of Ads from the YouTube is super easy. You have to download tweak application for that — TweakBox. This app is the big hub for the tweaked apps that allows iOS user complete hacked app experience without jailbreaking the iOS device. There are so many other applications available in this application if you like you can download them and use it to unlock more features.

Go to Website

I have provided the download link above go on that it will redirect you to an official page of that app.

02. Download Profile

Once you get redirected to the official website page you have to download the profile on your device. Tap on “Download App” button. You should get the dialogue box and you have to press the “Allow” button to install it. It will redirect you to the “Settings> Install Profile” screen. Tap in “Install” button on the right side upper corner.

Once it gets installed you will automatically see app symbol on Home Screen.

03. Open App and Search

Now open the app and follow the path to install the tweaked app on your device.

First tap on the “Apps” button then scroll and you should see the “Tweaked Apps“. In my case, it exactly next to the Snapchat icon. Tap on that. From there you have to find out the “YouTube++” app and you have to install it. go into it and hit “Install“.

04. All Set

Now you are good to go open the app and enjoy the Ad-free YouTube. You can go into YouTube++ the app settings and change many more options.



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