Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.4 Released! Install in Your Android.




Pixel launcher was released back in 2016 with the Pixel devices. It only supports the Pixel and Nexus devices officially. But APK can be installed on any android device. Newsfeed doesn’t work if you install the APK. So one of the developers created a Rootless apk of the Pixel launcher that can be installed on every Android device with all the features.

Pixel Launcher is most popular launcher because it brings the minimalism and looks clean. This version of Pixel launcher brings many changes and bugs are fixed.

What’s Change?


  • Big tablet screen support is added with bigger icons and a search bar, using the Pixel C profile
  • Microphone icon shows under the same conditions as the real Pixel Launcher: when Now on Tap is in use
  • When no Google App is installed but Google Go is found, its search will be launched when clicking the search bar
  • Accents are stripped from searches, so it is easier to search for apps in the app drawer
  • Widgets can be resized in any direction where their size is bigger than 1 on the grid
  • App predictions will switch around less often
  • The default home screen setup reflects the real Pixel Launcher’s setup now: Phone, Messages, Gmail, Store, Browser, Camera
  • Android Work is supported for app hiding, icon packs enabling/disabling and app search
  • At A Glance texts are updated to the 8.1 versions
  • On Lollipop, the app drawer status bar gets a slightly darker background to make it easier to see the white icons
  • Build tools are updated for slightly better performance when building
  • The Android Go version can be built using Android Studio, or using a custom ROM build script

Bug fixes

  • Searching for apps when almost all apps are hidden does not result in a crash
  • Folders in the hotseat close properly when dragging an icon out and then hover over it for a split second
  • Backported app shortcuts (before 7.1) only show when the shortcut really works
  • Backported app shortcuts can be put on the home screen without disappearing
  • Opening the app drawer always fades out the home screen, even while switching pages
  • The keyboard immediately closes when sliding down the app drawer search
  • The keyboard closes on Lollipop when dragging an icon from search
  • When clicking the search bar when no Google apps and no browsers are installed, a message ‘App is not installed’ will be shown
  • The Google Feed cannot be opened from the top left of the app drawer
  • Folders don’t cause all apps to be warped to the top left of the screen when long pressing an app in them
  • Live wallpapers can’t make the theme selection algorithm crash
  • The app drawer won’t glitch out when pressing the home button while dragging it up or down
  • The app drawer won’t disappear when visiting recents while dragging it up or down
  • Icons in icon packs won’t be temporarily glitched out during an update
  • The keyboard hides when pressing search while the search bar is empty
  • App predictions are enabled without having to open the settings first
  • An user account with all apps disabled won’t cause the app drawer for other accounts to become empty
  • Launching hidden apps won’t count for the app suggestions algorithm
  • Enabling/disabling the icon pack for hidden apps will immediately show the result
  • Apps with multiple launcher shortcuts show the correct icon for each shortcut (ex. XDA Labs)

Download Launcher

Here is some Picture You can have a look: Sample Picture

You need to uninstall the Google Launcher if you have already installed and then you will be able to install this latest version. If you have any issue you can visit the thread.

Visit Thread

Let me know in comments below if you’re using this launcher on your device or not and how is your experience so far.



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