Samsung’s New Patent Identifies User’s Blood Flow Pattern to Unlock Phone




You might know about the Samsung’s foldable screen smartphone pattern: Galaxy X. There is no doubt that Samsung is well known for it’s experimental technology. This time Samsung has filed the patent. Samsung’s new technology is now in the experiment that identifies the human blood activity flow pattern to unlock the smartphone. How amazing, right!

Until now Samsung has lot of patents and more to come in the future. Samsung may include this new technology in it’s upcoming future smartphones but it will definitely take much more time for implementation. This new patent was originally filed in the United States Patent Office in July 2016. But it is now unveiled publicly. It is titled as “Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters.”

You can see the patent image. It is clearly shows the method. Samsung will provide the sensor that could be Blood Flow Parameter Checker which will identify the pattern of flowing blood in your finger. Well, to keep the users daily driver safe facial recognition is the safe way but Samsung hopes the more reliable way to keep users daily driver safe using very easy way. So this new technology may get place on the mobile phone instead of fingerprint scanner and face recognition method. However, this technology helps a lot for smart watch users. Nowadays smart watches comes with the passcode unlock feature but if Samsung implements this feature in smart-watches then it will directly identify the bloof flow pattern and unlock the watch.

Samsung has shown the probability that this technology can be used on every smartphones, smart-watches and even on the laptops. So, in future smartphone user will be able to unlock their phone with this technology. Apart from this nowadays there are more secure ways to unlock smartphone includes Face ID, Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, etc and in between them this will get its place soon on the smartphones. So what do you think?




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