Samsung S9 will Get Improved Iris Scanner: 3 MP Lens




With the time every new device gets new ways to keep everything safe. Users accept new change and use that. Samsung launched their previous devices with iris scanner includes Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Plus and Note 8. These devices are having the scanner lens size of 2 Mega Pixels.

As per mentioned in Gadgets 360  article according to the report of Korea Herald, Samsung going to improve their iris scanner in upcoming Samsung devices especially includes Samsung Galaxy S9. They are going to achieve this feature by improving the lens size to 3 Mega Pixels from the 2 Mega Pixels.

Apparently, the 3 Mega Pixels lens will catch details of your iris more clear than 2 Mega Pixels camera and this will provide more security to users in daylight even they have glasses on their eyes and in darker light conditions.

Recently launched Apple iPhone X have Face ID which works slightly different ways. It has true depth camera which projects 30,000 invisible dots to create a depth map of your face. But this feature now works in all conditions like glasses on face.

Improved iris scanner is the big step towards secure biometric verification that can help to keep your data more securely in your hand and to do transactions more securely because it differentiates every person depending on their eyes.

Our Source: Gadgets 360



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