Samsung’s Foldable Screen Smartphone May Come With 3D Touch Feature




Samsung is finally planning to launch its foldable screen smartphone this year. It may be called as a Samsung Galaxy X or X (ten) in future. But now whatever you may call it, doesn’t matter. Samsung is very well known for its experimental products. Last year they have launched the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is well known for its infinity display — its main form factor.

Galaxy X is going to be their first foldable screen smartphone. There are many rumors out their covers all other fundamentals of the folding display. In addition, I got some new idea that may encourage the Samsung fans. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy X probably will get the 3D feature technology, the same which is Apple providing in their iPhones. However, there is not any confirmed news out there regarding this technology.

samsung galaxy x

Well, the technology is pretty much similar to the iPhone. But this is only possible with the more flexible displays which Samsung going to provide in their Galaxy X. The flexible display is the first need to make any device foldable. But Samsung obviously going to use the different technology. This is not the pressure-sensitive technology which they have implemented in already released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Samsung has provided pressure sensitive button as a home button in those both flagships.

Samsung has already filed their patent last year for the similar technology like the Apple’s 3-Dimensional┬átouch and force touch like the Huawei. However, as we said earlier there is no any confirmed news regarding, Samsung will use it in Galaxy X or in upcoming flagships Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.


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