Samsung’s New Phone: Screen Covers Full Front and Half of Back




Samsung is well known for something new everytime with the smartphones. Recently Samsung filed their new patent for their phone in which the screen cover the full portion of the front, it wraps the edge and almost the half portion of the back.

Well, this new Samsung’s mobile phone patent has been filed with the United States Patent last year but it was not published. Apparently, this new Samsung’s featured smartphone patent looks elegant. All we can see in the picture is the smartphone which has the full display on the front side where we can see some application icons, a screen which wraps the full edge and covers the halfback. Still, there is no any news regarding how it will actually work. But we can imagine that the back of the portion of the display will show some widgets, quick actions or notifications or similar like that as older devices includes Samsung Note 8 and Note 7.

Samsung is very well known for experimental technologies every time. Recently there are patents has been leaked of the Samsung’s foldable screen smartphone which maybe they will call as a Samsung Galaxy X.

Before Samsung, Apple has also filed a patent that covers the whole phone. So Samsung may not be the first one who invented this technology but it can be the first if they will launch it before the Apple. In the last few week there are many patents of Samsung’s but still, there is no any confirmed news that covers everything about this featured smartphones. Eventually, they have to come to the market but they will obviously take several “years”.

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