Stories are so much loved feature by users on every platform and WhatsApp is one of them. WhatsApp has implemented this feature. But there is one limitation. You cannot save any story photos on your device. Well, some of you might be thinking about to download any third-party application. But now no need to download them. You can save any story in your device without downloading any app.

You have to go through few steps given below. So let’s start;

01. Open Device File Manager

Starting from the file manager. First of all get yourself into the device File Manager application. Keep in mind that your file manager should give the access to the hidden files and if not you have to download the ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.

02. Open WhatsApp Folder> Media

Once you get into the File Manager application, you have to find out the WhatsApp Folder from there. This is the folder made by the WhatsApp application on your device. Find it and open it. You have to go into the Media Folder.

03. Get Access to Hidden Folder

Once you are in the Media folder just tap on the Folder Options button. In my case, I have Folder Options button is on the Right Side upper corner. As I said above if your device File Manager doesn’t give the permission to access the hidden files you have to download the ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.

Once you tap on that you will see an option called “Show Hidden Files”. Tap on that. Now you have complete permission to access the hidden folder of the WhatsApp.

04. Get into .Statuses Folder

To see the Status photos you have to get into the .Statuses folder. You will find all status photos that you have seen in last 24 hours. You can copy them and paste them anywhere you want on your device.

05. That’s it.

So without any third-party application, you can now save WhatsApp Status photos.