How to See Saved Passwords on Chrome?




A password is the most sensitive content nowadays. Like me, there are a bunch of other people out there who do not want to remember all the password for their different social accounts. The smartest way is to save the passwords on your browser. They are safe and no one can steal them by any means. However, everything has some limitation and when you overcome them you can get al your stored passwords.

In this method, I will tell you how you can see the saved password on the Google Chrome. This is the easiest way to see the passwords. However, don’t keep in mind that you can steal others passwords too because it will ask some security questions. So, without wasting much more time let’s get into the steps.

01. Open Settings

First thing first, you have to go into the Google Chrome settings. You all know very well the path for that. Just to remind you here’s a path. Tap on the Three Dots which are on the right side upper corner> Settings.

That’s it!

02. Go to Advanced Tab

Once you are in Settings, you are good to go to the next step. Now scroll down and click on the ‘Advanced’ button to get more options. Our next option is hidden in the Advanced tab.

03. Get Under ‘Passwords and forms’

Now you should be in the Advanced option. Just scroll down and come under the ‘Passwords and forms’ option. In order to see the passwords, you need to go into the ‘Manage Passwords’ option. By clicking on that you will be able to see saved password earlier on Google Chrome.

04. Enter the Password

To see the saved passwords, now click on the Eye button next to the dots. It will ask to enter your computer password. Just enter it and that’s it. Now you are able to see any password saved on your Google Chrome.

A password is a very sensitive information that’s why we should not share them with anyone whether you use them for your laptop or you use them for your social accounts.



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