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Instagram has now 800 million daily active users. The number so crazy and the reason behind it is Instagram’s new features. People love to share photos on Instagram because the UI is minimal. However, sometimes it becomes so boring to see one theme whenever you open anyone’s profile to see photos. Now, there is interesting way available to see profile photos and that is in augmented reality. With AI you can feel photos like they are in the real world!


With an Instagallery application, you can see Instagram images in Augmented Reality. Thanks to the ISL, a digital agency, which has developed this application. This application converts all of the images of the selected Instagram user in AI. So, whenever you will see them, you will feel like you are in the museum. As Associate Director of Marketing at ISL, Mr. Josh Strupp says, “Instagallery is an augmented reality portal to a digital museum that features the most “liked” photos of a select Instagram user.”

Unfortunately, this application is only available for iOS devices. So, iOS users can simply navigate to the app store and download ‘Instagallery’ application. There is no news of an Android device. But, if any update comes, we will surely inform you. Instagallery application allows the user to see their most liked photos in AI. The team of ISL claims, the application will completely change the user interface of what they see on the regular Instagram application.

Josh Strupp has also written in his post, “Built using a blend of custom Cinema 4D-generated assets, the ARKit framework, and the Instagram API, Instagallery is a functional augmented reality prototype. Simply open the iOS application, detect a surface, and enter the gallery! The app pulls a users top photos and fills six 3D golden frames. If a new post enters the top 6, the app dynamically replaces an old photo with the newer, more popular photo.”



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