How to Send Message to Unknown Number on WhatsApp Without Saving to Contacts?




WhatsApp brought so many unique features from the last couple of months. However, it doesn’t give the permission to send the message to an unknown number without saving it to the contact list. Sometimes it becomes annoying. Users have set their Privacy to “My Contacts”, in this case, the privacy becomes completely useless if they want to chat without saving it.

At the end to do the same you have to save the contact, send the one message and delete it from contacts. As I said it becomes annoying. Well, I am here to share with you one way and following that you don’t have to do this imbecile work.

Let’s get step by step details.

01. Download App and Install It.

First of all, you have to download one application which is freely available in the Play Store. I have given the link below so you don’t have to do so much effort to find it.

Click Here to Download “Open in WhatsApp” Application From PlayStore

Once you have downloaded it from the Play Store it will take some time to get installed on your device. Let me tell you, to use this application you don’t have to make an account, it is completely free and easy to use.

02. Open Application

When it gets successfully installed, now it is time to give it a try. Open the application and you will the similar dialogue box which is shown in the image below.

03. Enter Mobile Number

Remeber you have to enter any unknown mobile number which already on the WhatsApp. In my example, I have added 123456789, which is basically fake number and not on WhatsApp. Just enter the uknown number with you want to chat and tap on “Ok”. You should get redirected to the WhatsApp Chatbox with this number.

04. Done!

Perfect. Now you can chat with an unknown number without saving that number in your device contact list.



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