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Nowadays, Privacy is the biggest issue. Everyone on the Internet is tracking you or keeping an eye on what you do to show you ads or for their personal benefits. Recently, We heard about the facebook Cambridge analytic scandal. They were sending data to them without user concern and after that people started deleting facebook and big heads like Elon Musk, Tim cook started criticizing it. One of the Twitter users found that SmartTV is tracking your activity to look what you see and using that data to show you the advertise or related shows.

The Guy named “David” was using Sony Smart TV and once his TV updated itself and installed a new app called privacy policy says, “they track what you watch, when you watch it, your location, your interactions with other apps. And they share this with everyone.”

This information is then used to market to you within the TV and offer you a “hot list”… but it is also used to “Detect, investigate and prevent fraudulent transactions and other illegal activities and protect the rights, safety, and property of Samba and others”

So, If you have a smart TV then you need to disable Samba first. There are two ways to disable samba TV.

How to Disable?

  1. When Software is Installing “Don’t accept Terms & Condition”
  2. Use Android system settings to disable the app.


Just below that thread, replied that “We see a need for more guidance to discover new shows or be notified when a new season of your favorite show comes out. But our apps may not be for everyone, so when you disable Samba TV, your viewership data is not collected.”

So, They are basically stealing every data from you.They never replied to a guy who asked if is non-profit or not.

I suggest you to quickly uninstall this app because you might not want to share your data.



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