If you are Snapchat user than you might get frustrated from the new Snapchat design. Well, you are not only the one, there are 7 Lakh people who don’t like Snapchat’s new design. Now from where I got this number! It is clear. Recently, Nic Rumsey who is from Australia created a petition on Change.org says ‘Remove the New Snapchat Update’ and over a 7 Lakh people already on his side.

With the new update, Snapchat is losing its so many users because of its new design. Even I have uninstalled it from my own mobile phone. The new Snapchat user interface divided into the two parts which are friends and media content. Because of that many people complaining about that and there are so many tweets out there on Tweeter complaining about the Snapchat’s new updates and guess what? Finally, it turned into the petition.

The Petition is created by the Nic Rumsey. He titled this petition as a ‘Remove the New Snapchat Update’ requesting Snap Inc. to change their user interface and re-create new one which people love. There is no doubt that people agree with the new Snapchat design. I am writing this article, the time now is 8:28 AM PST (7:00 PM IST) and the number of people joined this petition is 722,430. From this huge number, it confirms that this petition has surely caught the attention of people.

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Snapchat’s bad user interface has not only given frustration to the normal people but there are also some internet celebrities who is also showing unsatisfaction form this new design. There are some tweets that confirm this thing. Furthermore, the well-known tech reviewer Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD is sharing his own thoughts on the new Snapchat application — ‘Dear Snapchat