Snapdragon 855 Will Be Manufactured By TSMC Using 7nm Node!




Nowadays no any mobile phone company chooses other chip-set for their device and if we talk about this, only one company comes to our mind first, that’s the Qualcomm. Qualcomm Snapdragon chip-set are mostly used in every mobile phone device and every year new generation made by Qualcomm and adopted by mobile phone companies. We have seen, Qualcomm recently unveiled their Snapdragon 845 chip-set which will come in the market early in 2018 and¬†the chip maker is already moving forward to its successor which is Snapdragon 855 for even better performance of smartphone.

Qualcomm is going to produce their upcoming 10nm chip-set of Snapdragon 845 processor using 10nm technology. But they always look forward for it’s better successor. The new report suggests that Qaulcomm is no longer planning to adopt the same technology for their upcoming generations. Instead of that they are moving forward for 7nm process node for their Snapdragon 855 and this might be the bad news for Samsung.

The Korean Tech Giant Samsung was adopted by the Qualcomm to produce it’s previous Snapdragon 835 chip-set and upcoming Snapdragon 845 chip-set. Samsung producing this chip-sets based upon the 10nm node process. Now Qualcomm is planning to produce even more powerful chip to fit in upcoming smartphones and to make this possible it is necessary to keep the node size even more smaller than present once.

According to the mentioned in report of the Nikkei Review, to produce the high-end chip, Snapdragon planning to adopt the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), same company which is going to make the low power consumption chips for Apple for their upcoming iPhones. Qualcomm will shift production to the Taiwanese fab. However this chip-set will come in market in 2019.

Further more as per mentioned in Nikkei report that this is not a last time they are going to shift ther production to Taiwan. In 2019 they will come back again with the Korean Giant Samsung to make high-end chips for 2020 and this will ensure that Samsung has 7nm EUV already.

Source: Nikkei



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