Sony Announced Google Assistant built in 4K HDR Android TVs




Recently, In CES 2018 Sony announces lot things like headphones, Speakers, Android auto audio system and now 4K TV. There are many more things they will launch including smartphones in next few days. This smartphone will still have big bezels. Google Assistant is coming to most of the device lately so this is not a new thing. Anyway Today at CES they launched Android TV which is 4K HDR and Google assistant is built in.

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Sony announced two major model which will have built-in google assistant. The first model is A8F Series and it features a Bravia OLED panel (65″ or 55″). It has an X1 processor which also offers 4K HDR quality. Its entire screen resonates with sound. It also supports the dolby vision for better sound quality. Overall It is the complete package with the best video and audio quality.

Second Series models are X900F, the screen size of this models goes high as massive 85″.  It also comes with different screen size 75″, 65″, 55″, and 49″. Same like A8F series It comes with X1 processor which support 4K HDR quality. X-Motion Clarity reduces the blur that can blight large TVs during the fast-paced action, and X-tended Dynamic Range PRO enhances even non-HDR content with clever backlighting. This range also includes Dolby sound system. Same like another model It is pre-enable with google assistant. Google assistant can be enabled by giving voice instruction.

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All new Sony TV will have pre-installed Google Assistant. All the Old Sony 4K TV got google assistant update a few months back so if you have older models then you can get the update. There is no news about pricing of this TV models so whenever we get news about prices and availability we will inform you.




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