Huawei’s two new devices are in the pipeline to become official. Recently, Huawei teased a small video on Twitter that confirms the earlier leaked images of Huawei P20 in Porsche design. Huawei has signed a partnership with the Porsche design in 2016. The first device in the Porsche design was their Mate 9. Later on, they launched Mote 10 as well as Huawei Watch 2 in 2017. Now, Huawei P20 to adopt this look.

Definitely, this new Porsche design Huawei P20 device will be their special limited edition smartphones and the new teaser confirms it. However, here please we should note that Huawei has not mentioned anywhere their upcoming device name anywhere in the video as well as in the tweet. But if you take a look at the previously leaked images, it shows the device in black colored with the glossy material on the rear side.

This image was surfaced online a few weeks ago. It shows the elegant P20 in hand having the triple camera on the back side. There are possibilities of having the 40-megapixels camera on the back. Well, if you link this image with the recently teased video, we can say this should be the Huawei P20 device with the Porsche Design.

For now, we should take it as a pinch of salt. As of now, we have not any confirmed news or any other leak that even confirms the component of Huawei P20 device.