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It is made possible by the internet to carry the whole world on your small piece of hardware. Yes, mobile phones. We have heard much news of the malicious attacks happening day by day. That’s why the bigger companies who provide their own operating system provides an update. Taking an example of Android OS which is the most used operating system by everyone nowadays. Google releases the security patch update on the Android mobile phone to fix the gateways from where the hacker can enter in your device and steal your data.

When it comes to the hackers, there are two types. First are those who work for the ideal companies and second are those who do some malicious work using their hacking skills. Well, if you are one of those who wants to develop the hacking skills, I found one interesting application. Of course, this application will help you to develop some basic hacking skills. Please note that this is not any kind of paid advertisement of the app. I want to share something good with my viewers and that is why I want to share this app.

Inside the App

The application name is Geek App. It is available in the Google Play Store for free but it contains the in-app purchases. For your effortless move, I have embedded app below.

[appbox googleplay com.alienskills.geekapp]

News Section: Keep Yourself Updated with Hackers’ Zone

Because this app is focused on the hacking, it will keep you updated with all of the hacking news from all over the world. Well, this is the basic feature. If you are in the world of hacking then obviously you will try to keep yourself updated with the hacking news.

Geek Stuff: Highlighting Feature

Starting from its highlighting feature which is the ‘Geek Stuff‘. You want to start the hacking but for that first, you have to clear all those basic fundamental about the hacking. From top to bottom, this app will take you from the noob level to the pro level. In the Geek Stuff, this app will allow you to start the basic hacking lessons. The application provides the five different levels. It starts with the Beginners> Alien Skills Hacking University> Tools and Programs> Life Hacks and Funs> Advanced.

When you will start your training in this application, you will go through all these lessons and this application will show your progress. According to me, that is the best part. You can check how much lessons you have completed and how much is remaining.

VIP Zone: Learn More Secret Tricks

As I have said earlier, this app also contains the in-app purchases. Well, I personally have not tried this feature. But, if you read benefit sheet, the developer says, in the VIP Zone, there are some secret tutorials which developer do not want to share with thousands of people who use this app on daily basis. However, the developer has not clearly mentioned what are those secret tutorials.

So, all over this application can give you some basic learning lessons about the hacking. However, to earn the whole hacking is kinda hard. But if you start from the basics it becomes easier to understand on that stage where you place yourself in the advance hacking world.



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