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We are about to enter in 2018, and we finally made a list of top 5 smartphones of 2017. It was definitely tough decision to make a list because plenty of smartphones launched this year. But after a long research, we have got the list.

2017 was a year of the bezel-less smartphone, most of the device came with less bezel and 18:9 aspect ratio. The home button is gone and fingerprint sensor is moved to back or completely removed.

We love to see new invention made by companies and really appreciate it. But the decision is not always in favor of the users. Yes, I am talking about ditching headphone jack which is another trend of 2017. So let’s just move to the list of best smartphone.

1. iPhone X

iPhone X bezel-less display is best to screen in iPhone by far. That notch on the top slightly irritates but peoples get used to it by time.

You all know the specification, so let’s just start with the reason why I put this device in very first position. Apple hardware is unmatchable with any other android. It is solid fast and A11 bionic chip is 2x faster than snapdragon 835 as per the benchmark results. Also, this device got 98 camera score by DxO which is slightly less than pixel 2 but still it’s great. Other small features like animoji, gestures made me put it in the first position.

2. Pixel 2 XL

Pixel 2 could be the best of 2017 but screen issues….

Best ever camera phone, Smooth software experience, Audio quality, and of course small bezels. That’s why pixel 2 is in the second position.

A thing which surprised me is its camera. Even with a single lens, it can capture better pictures than other dual lens camera smartphone. Also, other small features like unlimited picture storage, squeeze feature which is the bonus.

3. Samsung galaxy note 8

The game of bezel started with Samsung. Without any doubt, Samsung is making great displays. Note 8 is the great device for high-end specifications and many other features. Like S pen, Great display, the good camera which got 94 DxO scores, good performance, IP68 water resistance, wireless charging and of course “Bixby” NO?

4. LG v30

LGv30 is the most underrated smartphone of this year. It has pretty design and a first camera phone with 1.6 aperture. Well, DxO hasn’t tested LGv30 so there is no DxO score but some reviewers giving thumbs up to its camera. Another reason for including this device in the list is its audio quality. It is packed with quad DAC which gives great audio output. Wireless charging and IP68 Waterproof resistance is a bonus.

5. Huawei Mate 10 / OnePlus 5T

This phone came out just after LGv30. Mate 10 packs with a great hardware. Instead of using snapdragon they are using their own Kirin 970 chipset. Even this camera has 1.6 aperture and got 97 DxO score which puts it in 3rd place just after pixel 2 and iPhone X. I can say it is the best device of Huawei till date.

OnePlus5T is also on the list just because of its pricing. In less price OnePlus providing same feature, specification and build. I am really impressed with what OnePlus making. It is the fastest charging phone in the world. Its packed with the 8GB massive ram to provide fluid less performance. For almost half of the price of this all listed device OnePlus5T gives same look, performance and camera performance which is the great thing.



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