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Instagram is well known for its great features. Every time in new updates they bring some new features and people love to use them. But among that all features which are the top 5 trending features that people mostly use every time when they open the app?

Let me introduce you to that top 5 trending features that mostly every people use.

01. Story Archive

Stories are really great and successful feature of the Instagram. People really love to use it. But you cannot use the same photo in your story after the 24 hours. It gets automatically deleted from Instagram. You can access it but you have to save it in your device.

Now the photos which you add to your Instagram stories gets automatically archived in your Instagram account and no need to save it in your device and you can access it whenever you want. This one is the tops trending feature that everyone loves to use it.

02. Story Highlight

If you want that any new visitor or your follower come to your profile and he/she get the message from you than it is possible. You can give any message to your new account visitor or follower by just highlighting your archived story photo.

03. Save Any Photo

Still, Instagram doesn’t give the feature to download any photo that you like directly from their app to your device and it is most annoying. Users have to use the third-party applications to save photos on their device.

Well, Instagram gives the save photo feature in their app. This is the third one trending feature of Instagram. By using this feature you can save the photo that you like in your account and you can access that photos by just logging in to any device anytime. But still, you cannot download.

04. Archive Post

This feature is mostly useful for every celebrity and this one is the fourth number in top trending features. If you got some interesting comments as well as good amount of likes on your post, you don’t want to show that post on your timeline due to any reasons and with that, you also don’t want to lose that likes and comments then you can simply archive it.

This feature lets you keep all your post private in your account. No one will be able to see them. Again whenever you want to show them on your profile you can simply select the option of Show on Profile.

05. SuperZoom

If you want to zoom on any particular object with the music then this new SuperZoom Instagram feature will zoom on that object automatically with the music. You don’t have to use your both fingers. This one is the fifth trending feature of Instagram.

Let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite feature on Instagram.



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