Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Device Battery Life




The battery is the heart of every device. If there is no battery, the device becomes useless and that is why we always have to take care of some small things for battery life. These smaller things can add more 1 or 2 years to your device battery life. 

Today we got top 5 ways to increase your device battery life and it doesn’t matter which device you are using. After all, it will also work on laptops. So let us give you all information.

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01. Don’t charge your device more than 80% or 85%

Yes, it is true. You will how it will increase the life. But this thing extremely works. Every device battery life depends upon the charging cycles. 

Let’s have a look at an example. You are using a smartphone and the battery has the approximately 1000 charging cycles and that means if you will complete this cycles, battery life will get reduced slowly. You know very well, mobile battery charges from 0% to 100%. So it means it completes one cycle. So always charge your device up to 80-85%.

02. Avoid the High Temperatures

As we all know heat is the biggest enemy of the battery. As your mobile heats up, the battery will get more harm and it will drain drastically. So whenever it is possible, please make sure you always keep your device cool.

03. Avoid the Quick Recharge

Well, nowadays there is due to the high usage of the internet, everyone wants the higher battery percentage in low time. Used always choose to charge device for 15 minutes just to ensure the device will hold another 1 hour.

But we don’t recommend this. This really harms mobile battery life. In order to increase the life, you have to charge your device full when you connect it to charger. 

04 Don’t use heavy applications and keep your phone apps updated

Heavy applications eats much more battery everytime whenever you use them. Actually this applications are full of with graphics and animations which requires more power to show them on the display. Some applications are having the option in settings to turn off the animations, you can do the same in order to save battery.

Every app developer gives the updates for their applications in the play store to remove the bugs. Not only that the updated apps also have some improvements. So keep your device apps updated that will surely helps to increase battery life.

05 Fully discharge it once a month

Lithium-ion batteries shouldn’t be discharged regularly, most modern batteries are what’s known as “smart batteries”, which means that they can tell you how long you have until your battery dies (e.g. “2 hours, 15 minutes remaining”). This feature can get miscalibrated after a lot of shallow discharges. So, manufacturers recommend fully discharging your battery once a month to make sure this stays accurate.



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