How to Transfer Contacts from iOS to Android with Only One Tap?




Is it possible to send all your contacts which are backed u on your iCloud to your Google Account or on your Android device? Well, it becomes too much frustrating when it comes to the transferring of your contacts because you can be in trouble if you find that your important contact is missing.

I can understand the situation because I am that guy who changes smartphone after seven to eight months. I am here to show you the best method to transfer all your contact which are on the iOS device to your Android device without missing any contact just with one tap.

Let’s get into the details.

01. Download App

First thing first you have to download the one application in your iOS device from the App Store named “My Contacts Backup“. This application is completely free and it features to transfer your iOS device contacts in any Android device. You can directly go to the download page by just tapping on the link below. It will be easy.

Download ‘My Contacts Backup’ app from here

I am using this application every time whenever I want to transfer my iOS device contacts on another Android device. It gives the phenominal result.

02. Open the App

Once you have successfully installed the application on your iOS device now it is time to open it and take the complete backup of your iOS device contacts. When you open the app if it asks for the ‘Access Your Contacts‘ then you have to tap on the “OK“. You should get the screen where it shows the total number of contacts available on your device.

To take the full backup you have to press the “Backup” button and it allows this app to take the full backup of your iOS device’s contacts.

03. Email the Backup

Once you have taken the backup successfully you have to send it to your email id through this application. So that you can download it on your android device.

Tap on the “Email” button. Enter your email id and send it. It will send the contacts in a .vcf file which every Android device required to show the contacts.

04. Download .vcf File

Once you got the email, simply just download the .vcf file in your Android device from the email box and export it to your contact list.

That’s it. You should get all the contacts in the phone book.



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