How to Turn Off Activity Status on Instagram?




There is no doubt that nowadays Instagram is the widely used social networking platform and why not!! From the last couple of months, Instagram brought so many useful features in their application. However, Story feature is the one which most loving by the Instagram Users.

Recently in the new update, Instagram added the new feature called “Activity Status”. This feature allows the accounts that you follow on Instagram to see when you were last active in the Instagram application. Just like WhatsApp application. Anyone can see the last seen of yours. But is it possible to turn it off? Well, the answer is Yes.

So, let’s see how to turn this feature off. It is simple to do. You just have to follow some quick steps.

01. Open Instagram Application

You should have updated Instagram to the latest version and it obvious you are active on it so just Open the Instagram application on your device and drive to your profile.

02. Open Options

Once you are on your profile page, you are good to go. Tap on the “Three Dots” which are right side upper corner. You should now get the Options page. From where you have to find out the “Show Activity Status” option.

03. Turn Off

You have to Turn off that option in order to not show your last activity on Instagram to others. When you will turn it off you will also not be able to see other’s last activity as well.

That’s it. Everything is now perfect.



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