“View Image” Button is Still Present Indirectly in Google Image Search Results – Here’s How




The whole internet is full of from the recent Google’s removed “View Image” button. Some blogs have already written a reason also. However, Google has not removed “View Image” button in the search results. It is still present indirectly there. After the button removal, Google Image Search is getting less useful because all the time it redirects to the original sites from where the image came in the results.


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In the past user was able to see that giant clean image by clicking on the “View Image” button and also it was allowing the user to download them easily to their computer without visiting the website. However, Google has removed this button to help the websites. Whenever the user opens any image it now gets redirected to the main website. As per the statement has given by the Danny Sullivan, the button removed to help connect users and useful websites.

Now let’s come to the main point. Today I just was searching for the image and I came across this method. Google has indirectly added the “View Image” button. Using that you don’t need to go to the image hosting website or leave the Google to save it. You can download directly that image in the full original resolution in your device with this simple trick. The method is stupidly way and I think you all know that.

#1. Search for Any Image

Just search for any image on Google to get started. Hope you have search results on the screen. So in my case, I have searched for the YouTube. So here you can see all the results are on my display.


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#2. Click on Image

Click on that image which you want to view or save in your device. So here it is. I have clicked on the image. Make sure to wait until it fully loads. My image size is 1200×1200. As you can see there is no “View Image” button. But still you can save it.

#3. Right Click

Now Right Click on that image. You have so many options there. You have to click on “Open Image in New Tab”. Just open it up and there you go. This image is in 1200×1200 (in my case) complete resolution and you can download it on your device.

Here you can see the resolution of the saved image on my device from the Google Search.




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