Vivo V9 : What’s Company Hiding from You?

Vivo is At least Trying...




Vivo V9 is already launched in India. It has a notch like an iPhone X and similar camera placement at the back. As always Vivo’s main focus was a selfie camera. So, it has a 24MP front camera. The new device is running on Android 8.1 Oreo. Vivo V9 is priced at Rs. 22990 and comes with only one variant which is 64GB internals and 4GB of RAM.

While Vivo announced Vivo V9 they said all the specification but not included all the things in detail. So, we have done a little bit of research and came with all the things that vivo didn’t tell their fans during a live event or on their official website.

Vivo V9 is powered by Snapdragon 626 processor. It has 4GB of Ram which is based on DDR3 Because Snapdragon 626 only supports DDR3 Ram. Now, You might be thinking Snapdragon 626 is the latest processor but NO, Snapdragon 626 is 2-year-old chipset launched by Qualcomm and after that many processors came in a market like 630,636 and the lastest 660. So, Vivo giving 2-year-old chipset and DDR3 based RAM in Rs. 22990 price. Which it to high in my opinion.

Another thing, Resolution of the Vivo V9 is 1080 x 2280 pixels but the strange thing is Snapdragon 626 only supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. So, the question is how they managed to give better resolution display in Snapdragon 626 which isn’t even supporting? Well, the only vivo can answer this.

Vivo still using micro USB port instead of using USB C port. In this price range, they should have given USB C, Come on Vivo everybody wants USB C port.

iPhone X Copy

Vivo Won’t mention but everyone knows it’s the copy of the iPhone X. Notch at the front and camera placement at the back is also similar. One thing Vivo didn’t copy is Body. This device is made up of a plastic body and not the metal or glass back. For the Rs. 22990 and what you are getting is a plastic body with copied design and 2-year-old specs with a decent camera. 

If the only good thing you need is a decent camera, then I highly recommend you this device. Unless just let it go. 



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