Vivo X20 Plus UD’s Fingerprint Sensor Not Working With Screen Protectors




So, World’s first under screen fingerprint sensor device got launched yesterday. That’s Vivo X20 Plus UD. This device showcased at this year Consumer Electronics Show. Vivo X20 UD displays are supplied by the Synaptics offers under screen fingerprint technology.

The devices are already in some reviewers hand. Vivo has placed the fingerprint sensor in between the outer glass and OLED panel of the phone. It works accurately. Although compared to the recent on body fingerprint sensors, it is slow in speed. Because this fingerprint is placed under the outer glass, the user should obviously take care of the scratches because it can cause the fingerprint reader to malfunction.

When it comes to the scratches user always think about the screen protectors to get rid of them. However, the reviewer found that the Vivo X20 UD’s under-screen fingerprint sensor won’t work with some thick screen protectors. Thick screen protectors do not allow the sensor to scan finger properly and as a result, the user needs to use the phone without a protector.

To deliver the Under-Screen Fingerprint Sensor experience on new Vivo X20 Plus, Vivo is now providing a think screen protector in the box package. The thin screen protector will provide the same experience and it will protect the outer glass of the phone. It will allow the sensor scan the user’s finger properly and catch the accurate details. Until now Vivo is providing only one screen protector so if users want to change the protector they have to buy it from the Vivo.

The upcoming phones to have this type of under-screen fingerprint scanner technology so it will be interesting to see how well the scanner hold up the scratches present on the glass of the screen. It is necessary to provide mobile phones with the scratchless display however it may take the mobile phone price to the next level. Till then this is the only one option to use the screen protector getting sold by mobile manufacturers.




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