Voter ID Lists Publicly Available for Anyone in India – Is this Real Privacy?




What do you mean by the privacy when it comes to the public’s private details includes Voter ID card, Aadhar Card, etc? India is slowly going forward to be the digital country. I agree but with that, there are some weak points in the security of the private data and because of that there have been so many data flaw being by the Government.

So, one month ago we all have heard a news that Aadhar cards leaked. The Tribune team member has purchased the Aadhar Card details from an anonymous person who was selling. As per mentioned in their report this seller was selling all Adhaar card details over a WhatsApp. After that now another issue that has come up. This time the public voter ID card security flaw happened. Practically every person voter ID card details are available publicly.

The details are made publicly available by the Election Commission of various states. They have released PDFs and other documents which were containing all the main information of the people includes the Voter’s name, father’s name, age, sex, address. The most shocking thing is it also shows the Voter ID number too. Well, special thanks to the French Security researcher — Elliot Anderson. He found firstly that the everyone’s voter cards are publicly available in India. He can easily see anyone’s voter ID card details with the script.

As per the Robert explains that the process varies from state to state. In the Delhi, it is publicly available but it cannot be viewed by anyone in bulk. While if you will try to obtain the details from the Uttar Pradesh State’s Election Commission website, you will need to enter some details which is asked by their website. Once you will enter it you will be able to get that PDF file that contains the voter ID card shows every detail. The Uttar Pradesh Sate’s Election Commission website was practically chacked by the Beebom Team person.

If you want to try it by yourself you can go to Delhi Election Commission Website and check that practically. You just have to follow some steps. It will ask for the Voter ID number so just enter the random number that you want to add in its format. You will get the details of anyone’s. Furthermore, there is another way is also available to get the details. If you know someone’s name and father’s name you can get the complete Voter ID card. To go on that page Click Here.

After the Aadhar Card details leak this is another serious problem on which Government should take the appropriate step to stop this security flow. To make anyone’s private details available on the internet may become the serious problem for anyone.




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