WhatsApp Banning Under the 16s Age Users in Europe, Should Come in India?




WhatsApp says, “You have to be 16 year or older to access the WhatsApp application in Europe.” WhatsApp has banned all the users in Europe who comes under the age of 16 year. As per the updated terms and conditions for Europe, WhatsApp raised age limit by three years.

European Data Privacy Rules

As per the reports of Reuters, the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp application will become effective from May 25. Well, there is no proper reason behind this new rule. WhatsApp claims they have updated their terms and conditions just as an European Data Privacy Rules.

So, in the Europe when user log into the the WhatsApp application, they will be asked for the age verification for the next few weeks. They will be asked to confirm their age as per the new WhatsApp terms of service. To continue the use of WhatsApp user have to be 16 year or older. It is worth to note that WhatsApp is the Facebook’s platform, however the data policy and terms of use is different from the Facebook. WhatsApp has its own terms of use and that is why it made new changes in the age limit.

Recently, WhatsApp has given the ‘Download a Copy of Data’ button to stand out with the new European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules. So, user can request to get a file which contains all of the chat history available on the WhatsApp server.



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