We (Whatsapp users) been waiting for the Whatsapp stickers to available on WhatsApp for a long time. Still, WhatsApp stickers aren’t available for all the users. Well, Whatsapp is working on some new features that you will love to see. Dark Mode on WhatsApp and Swipe to Reply.

WABetaInfo confirmed that Dark Mode is the next feature that Whatsapp is working on. This dark mode will be Full OLED friendly. There isn’t a lot of information about how it will look. Although, WaBetaInfo tweeted a concept if you’re eager to see how it will look.

Talking about the Swipe to Reply, This feature will make it easy if you want to reply to the specific message in the group or personal. Right now you need to long press the message and then tap on reply to reply the message. After the update rolls out, You can reply just by swiping. Whatsapp using gesture just like Telegram to make it easy to use this feature. Here is the sample video made by WaBetaInfo.

Let us know in the comments below, Which feature you are most excited about. Also, don’t forget WhatsApp is still working on the WhatsApp stickers and may arrive soon XD.

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