A much-awaited feature is now available in WhatsApp new Android Beta update that allows you to switch to the voice call from video call or from video call to voice call. Now no more need to disconnect the call. WhatsApp is one of the favorite messaging application. From the past couple of months, WhatsApp has released a bunch of new features and still more features to come in future updates.

In the current version of WhatsApp because of lack of this feature you have to disconnect the call to change the calling form however users don’t find it handy. Because of this new feature now it will be so much easier to transform your audio call into the video as well as video call into the audio.

WABetaInfo is the great source for any news related to the WhatsApp. As per mentioned by them, whenever you will place the call say voice call for an example, you will find the video call transform “button” down below the End Call button.

When it is pressed, WhatsApp will send a request to the recipient, asking if he wants to “convert” the current voice call in a video call. WhatsApp has really made this feature to save the time. This feature is the most awaited feature till now in WhatsApp. Before that WhatsApp unsend message feature was the most popular. Thanks to this feature, now no need to disconnect the call.

When the recipient gets the request to change the calling form he/she can accept or reject the request. If he/she will accept it, WhatsApp will automatically switch to the video call otherwise call will stay on the voice form.