WhatsApp Now Shares Your Data with Facebook Under New Policy




So, recently WhatsApp has released their new update contains an interesting stuff. The new update allows the user to download their complete data from the WhatsApp on their mobile phones. Once the user downloads the data on their mobile phones WhatsApp automatically deletes that from their server in order to keep everything safe. This all things have been done under the GDPR known as General Data Protection Regulation. For in-depth details catch our article here! So, now here is another interesting thing found in the new beta update of WhatsApp available on the Google Play Store.

WABetaInfo, the huge source for everything regarding WhatsApp. If you are Beta user maybe you should get the new update from the Google Play Store. The new update doesn’t contain any changes or new features, although it has changed. You guessed right. I am talking about the WhatsApp’s changed terms of service. WhatsApp has updated their new ‘Terms of Service’ in their new update. Under this terms of service, WhatsApp could share your data with the other Facebook companies. So, firstly let’s have a look at the what exactly they are!

Let’s Talk Facebook Companies

We all know the giant social website Facebook. But it is not only bounded by only one website. Facebook companies include the group of the other companies that are owned by the Facebook like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Facebook’s other companies provide some sort of services to the WhatsApp in order to provide the better user experience. To do the same it becomes necessary for them that WhatsApp provide some user data to them so that they can make their services even much better in every stream like safety, security, and integrity.


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What New Terms Says?

Well, according to the updated terms of services, WhatsApp says that when it comes to their user data, it will only be shared with the other Facebook companies to provide the better and optimized services. Facebook Companies will collect all the data from the WhatsApp and they will try to make their services even better and serve it to their users. WhatsApp says – “Nothing you share on WhatsApp, including your phone number, will be shown on Facebook or any of the Facebook Company Products unless you choose to show it.

WhatsApp has clearly mentioned their purpose to share the user data with the Facebook companies. Here are all the purposes;

  1. Helping us provide you a fast, reliable, and innovative WhatsApp.
  2. Improving ways for our users to connect to WhatsApp.
  3. Connecting businesses with you on WhatsApp.
  4. Safety, Security, and Integrity

You will find everything in details in new WhatsApp update. If you are a Beta tester then you can download it from the play store. Here’s a new version number: 2.18.57



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