Whatsapp announced that they will charge for sending messages over Whatsapp Business application and now the company is planning to show advertise on the Whatsapp with the status just like the Instagram.

According to the company stats, 450 million users use Whatsapp status so the company can make a lot of profit by showing them advertise like Instagram.  Whatsapp is also planning to earn a lot of profit from Whatsapp Business by charging users to send messages.

This new ad-type will let users know that they text companies directly via WhatsApp for any customer-service queries instead of calling. WhatsApp will charge the company depending on the country for every message delivered to a customer. Interestingly, close to 100 companies have already started testing this feature including Singapore Airlines, Uber.

However, Status advertise will start appearing from 2019. In case you don’t know, Whatsapp status is like a story of Instagram, Where you can upload status, image or video.