World’s First 512GB MicroSD Card to Come in February




MicroSD cards are the small thing that can carry tons of files in your any device takes a small space in it. However, nowadays microSD cards are almost not getting their place in mobile devices. You may have probably seen 1TB microSD card or 64 or 128GB cards. But now everyone will be able to use half of the terabytes space from upcoming February.

The United Kingdom’s Integral Memory has unveiled the 512GB microSD card. They claimed it is the first microSD card that will get shipped and allow the user to use half of the 1TB storage. This is the microSDXC card so still, devices do not have a supported port for this. So as long your device will support you too have the 512GB storage in your daily driver. The unsupported device includes mostly every Android devices and tablet as well as PC.

The Integral Memory Company claims this card can transfer the files up to the 80 MB/s of transfer rate, however, nowadays this not a huge deal. Many of the memory cards can pass through this transfer rate. But as long as it is capable to transfer the big data files as well as the 4K videos on your device.

The company has decided to make it available publicly in upcoming February month but still, they have not decided the price. So we are still in the dark. Although we should remember that it will cost more. The company has also not said anything about its availability regarding how it will be available for the users living outside the UK.

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