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Already there are rumors and leaks out there shows Xiaomi’s upcoming devices planned to launch at Mobile World Congress 2018. I think you might have listened about Xiaomi’s next flagship Xiaomi Mi 7 comes with Snapdragon 845. However, still, there are not guaranteed photos out there of that device. Apart from that there is another one leak of Xiaomi’s upcoming device: Xiaomi Mi 6X

Last year Xiaomi launched its Mi A1, we can say modified MI 5X which you can get at an affordable price and be keeping eyes on this new back panel claimed it is of Mi 6X we can expect to get the successor of the Mi 5X. The leaked photo shows the rear portion of the phone. This is the first leak which shows the body part. However, there was a leak in the past which was showing the case of this device.

Xiaomi Mi 6X

Image shows the only rear portion of the phone although it looks elegant. Similar to their previous Mi 5X (Mi A1), now it looks like Xiaomi has decided to provide Dual camera setup on every device of this series. Apparently, this image has not mentioned any type of Mi 6X notations.

Well, we can clearly see this device will get packed with the Verticle Dual Camera setup. There will be a LED Flash between this both camera just like Apple iPhone X. You can also see the small hole and it is obvious from its size it is not a fingerprint sensor. We cannot even envision for what it is. It is the first time we have seen this type of small hole on the back.

Rest of the design is similar to the older Mi 5X (Mi A1). The device has curved corners but not stripes provided. As usual Mi logo on the back at the bottom. We should keep in mind that Xiaomi has not still confirmed that Mi 6X even exist or not. It is good to not take them seriously for now.




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