Xiaomi Mi 7: 5 Exciting Features

It will have Notch!




After the successful launch of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S phone, the company has no plan to launch their another high-end device. Of course, I am talking about Xiaomi Mi 7. Well, there is a number of leaks already popped up on the internet. Meanwhile, Xioami CEO Lei Jun has confirmed the device will come with the Snapdragon 845 processor and furthermore, the newly coming leaks adding more information. Now, Mr. Jun has confirmed another new information of its under-display fingerprint sensor. So, bring the cup of coffee and let’s dive into the top 5 features of Xiaomi Mi 7 device!

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

In Screen Fingerprint sensor will be the trend of 2018. Vivo already implemented it in their device but never launched it for the consumers. Now the news confirms that even Mi 7 will launch with the same technology. Xiaomi’s Mi 7 could be delayed because of Xiaomi is working on this technology since long. Today, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun confirmed the feature in a Weibo comment.

Weibo is a Chinese website and we translated into English by using Google Translator. One of the users said that don’t force Xiaomi they will surely give In Screen fingerprint and later on Xiaomi CEO confirmed that by commenting on that comment.

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Voice Assistant

It is just matter of time. Every smartphone companies now taking their hands over their own assistant. Well, there is the beneficial side of it which is it is made by the better integration of hardware and the software to use it in the companies’ own phone which can, as a result, deliver the better-expected result.

Mi Mix 2S is the first smartphone in which Xiaomi has introduced its new assistant – Xiao AI. Now, the assistant is only available in China. But, it looks like after the launch of a certain number of smartphone company will look forward to making it available in further more countries. Definitely, Xiaomi Mi 7 will come with this feature. After all, it will be one of the high-end smartphones fits in their Mi series.

3D Facial Recognization

With the in-display fingerprint sensor, the company will provide the 3D facial recognization system on their Xiaomi Mi 7 device. The firmware files unveil it will have the super secured facial recognization system and it will be as robust as the Apple’s iPhone X Face ID.

The leaked image of Xiaomi Mi 7 shows notch on the top of the front side which is the home of the front camera as well as the infrared camera sensor which will scan the human face to unlock the mobile phone.

Wireless Charging

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S comes with the wireless charging feature. This is the first Xiaomi device having such wireless charging and after that, it is time for the Xiaomi Mi 7to get this one. According to the various sources, Xiaomi Mi 7 is expected to come with the 3,400 mAh battery. A user will be able to charge it wirelessly.

Well, the recent news popped up on the internet shows it will have the support of the 7.5 Watt wireless charging. The same which Apple provides on their iPhone X.

OLED Display

There is no doubt the device will follow the recent trend of 18:9 aspect ratio or it may have 19:9 aspect ratio in the display department but what is exciting is it will have the OLED display. According to the multiple leaks available, Xiaomi Mi 7 will have the OLED panel placed on the front instead LCD display. Surprisingly, it will be supplied by the Samsung company. The device will have the notch on the top and it will have the highly reduced bazels compared to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. Furthermore, Xiaomi will provide some feature like Always-on-display.



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