Xiaomi Mi 7 Will not Get Unveiled at MWC 2018: Source




If you are a huge fan of Xiaomi devices then you might have heard about the Mi 7 devices. Until now there is so many news out there that Xiaomi will probably unveil its new Mi 7 at MWC 2018. But there are some sources that claim Xiaomi will not showcase its upcoming flagship Mi 7 at this year Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress is coming with the bunch of new flagship mobile phones which are going to showcase by the different mobile phone brands. With the different rumors, it is really hard to figure out what exactly will happen at this year’s MWC. In between that, Xiaomi is now part of reports of issues. There are some changes and issues with the scheduling of Mobile World Congress and Xiaomi is part of it.

Well, Xiaomi is listed officially in the Mobile World Congress exhibitor list so it is confirmed that Xiaomi will definitely be present at the Barcelona venue. But we should remember that still, Xiaomi has not unveiled the full list of the gadgets of what they are going to showcase. However, there is a statement today given by the high-ranking company employee. He allegedly stated that there will be no major announcement involved.

With this statement, he left the hint. Probably he is drawing the attention on Xiaomi Mi 7 and Mi Max 3 that there will be no any of these devices showcased. There is another fresh tip also shows that Xiaomi is preparing their updated Mi Mix 2S Model and Surge S2 chipset to unveil at MWC 2018. So it is too much clear now that Xiaomi is really busy with some interesting stuff to launch in the future as well for their users.

We all know Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in February so that is why we think Xiaomi has taken this step to launch their Mi 7 later in this year. As far as Mi 7 device specifications we have already covered up everything in the previous article. This link will re-direct you to there!




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