A couple of days ago Xiaomi stopped rolling out the new Android Oreo update on their Mi A1 device. This was a temporary suspension. Today Xiaomi released again Android Oreo update with the majority of bug fixes.

Xiaomi promised to give the Android Oreo update in their Xiaomi Mi A1 device and they did the same in the past but apparently, it was containing tons of bugs in new Android Oreo update. Literally, Xiaomi fans were complaining about that. Xiaomi decided to stop rolling out their Android Oreo update and promised to the users that they will release a new update soon with major bug fixes.

However, this is not the first time Xiaomi rolling out the update. Xiaomi has already done the two times before in the past 2 weeks. The new update contains so many bug fixes. Below is the change-log for the new update.

  • Fix “Fingerprint Unlocking Speed is Slow”
  • Update the Facebook App
  • Fix “Couldn’t Connect the Network Sometimes”
  • Fix “Camera Cannot Connect Sometimes”
  • Fix “Dialer Icon is Missing after Update”
  • Fix ” Bluetooth Power Consumption Issue”
  • Add Korean Input Method
  • Integrate the Performance Optimization of MIUI
  • Remove the “Quick Charge on The Lockscreen When Charging
  • Optimize Audio Parameters
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I hope Xiaomi has done very well work this time in this update. However, they say that ‘Third Time’s a Charm’. If you are Xiaomi Mi A1 user we recommend you for not to update your device yet if you are using it as your daily driver. Just sit back and wait for the other public reviews. We will keep you updated.