Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Teardown: Components Under Sexiest Body





A much-awaited device is now out after the so many leaks: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. It is the same device comes with the footprint of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Looks like Xiaomi yet not decided to go with that top notch like everyone does now. The device has quite high-end specifications, which makes it flagship device present in the market. So, I think you should know every part installed under its sexiest ceramic body!

The first teardown photos of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S surfaced online. Now we can finally see the internal components. I have uploaded images of all components. As Xiaom said the device is not waterproof or water-resistant, so it makes the backplate removal process easy. Under the backplate, Xiaomi has applied sealant to attach it. So, it requires a proper heating process to open it. That’s it. Another process is similar to the other Android devices. Before you remove the backplate you must have to take care of the fingerprint sensor connector. You have to detach the sensor connector first.

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Inside the phone, Xiaomi has installed Snapdragon 845 chipset which is coupled with the 8-gigabytes of RAM. The device has 256-gigabytes of internal storage. You can see the camera module which is too small. The camera module size is around 3cm which is vertically positioned by Xiaomi on the back.

This small camera does the pretty well job. Earlier we have seen the DxO Score of this device which was 97. It provides some really excellent images in the portrait mode. Further, Xiaomi has installed a 5.99-inch display having the resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. The images are quite sharp and show every detail of the motherboard.



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