Xiaomi’s New Mint Launcher Goes on Play Store




Xiaomi has launched another new launcher on Google Play Store. Officially but not exactly officially. Well… well, I didn’t mean to confuse you. But, I want to tell you to don’t get confused by Mi Launcher or Poco Launcher. The new launcher from Xiaomi is dubbed into Mint launcher.

How we can use it?

You might be thinking of downloading this launcher. You can take a look at the Google Play Store page by yourself from here. Unfortunately, the page will tell you that it is not applicable to your device. However, it is just a message to prevent downloads. The app has been already ported out and if you want to use it, you can download from the APK Mirror website and side-load it on your device easily as I did.

So, what are the new features?

There aren’t any major changes in this new launcher. And to be frank, it is the same as the Poco Launcher. There is a dedicated settings button provided (check out image attached above) to turn features on and off. Also, if you are a fan of third-party icon-packs, this launcher will open the doors to use them.

Launcher adds the app drawer instead of putting all apps on different screens. You can simply use to locate your apps. All in all, it’s worth to give a shot at least once if you are on another launcher. But, if you are already using (or used) Poco Launcher, then it is not a cup of tea that you should get.



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