Xiaomi Poco F1 PUBG Notch Issue: Here is how to solve it!




Xiaomi Poco F1 has various issues and one of them is PUBG Mobile Notch issue. It was working fine for the previous version of the PUBG but the problem started with the latest version 0.8. Maybe the game is not optimized with the Notch and creating the issue with some details dropping in the notch.

PUBG Notch issue won’t be solved for Poco F1 until the next release of the game so you might have to wait for the next month for an update to come out.¬†

So, Here is the solution. You can disable the notch with these two methods so make sure to stick till the end.

Method #1: Using Octopus Application

Note: This method is risky because some users reported their account getting banned by Tencent.so use it with your own risk.

  • Download Octopus Application from the play store.
  • Open the applications and allow all permission.
  • You will see PUBG application there, click on it.
  • Allow other permissions.
  • Now open the PUBG and you won’t see the notch.
  • Enjoy!

Method #2: Using Parallel Space

  • Download the Parallel Space application from the play store.
  • open and allow the permissions.
  • Now make a clone of the PUBG.
  • now you can get the notch free PUBG experience.

It’s because Parallel space is not optimized for the PUBG it will not use the notch. So you can get a notch-free¬†experience with this application. This app is safe to use and your account won’t be banned by Tencent.

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