Google Play Store has some really unique and underrated applications. But, it is hard to find delicious food from the gigantic sea. Well, a few days back I came across one application and believe me, the developer has discovered superb concept. You can help those people by using this application who are visually disabled. Indeed you should download this application and I am urging to share this app with your friends. Let’s take a tour.

Just Be My Eyes!

‘Be My Eyes’ – this is the app which allows us to help blind people. The concept of the application is pretty praiseful. According to the application, now there are 75,763 blind people have joined this application from all over the world and 11,18,971 people are using this application to help those blind peoples. The numbers are really large and indeed you should also join this app.

Just help blind people, you will feel good!

Now, I know, you are thinking how you will help those blind people with this app! Look, blind people are visually disabled. They cannot see anything and hence they cannot read what they want. With this application, you will get a call from any bling people, you will pick up that call and read any sentence or paragraph for them. The best part about this application is you can choose your own comfortable language and the app will send you a call in the same language. So, you can help in a better way.

Download App From Google Play Store

Experience Speaks

Talking about my own experience, I was much excited to know how this app works. So, I just started using this app and probably after 2 hours of installation I just got a call from one person. He wanted me to read a information about one form. I just read some information like you have to write your first name here, your date of birth here, etc. You know what is the best part, I helped him in my own selected language. So, I can tell him in a better way.

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