A big competitor of Spotify and Apple Music is coming early in March 2018 and that’s the YouTube Paid Music Service.

YouTube is planning to launch their Paid Music Service which will carry millions of songs in your palm. You can listen to it anytime anywhere. YouTube launched their YouTube Red and after the massive success of YouTube Red, they decided to provide music service to their audience.

News coming from the Bloomberg says that YouTube has already done the deal with the Warner Music Group and is in talks with the Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

According to the news, this new service is referred ad the “Remix” internally and it will include the Spotify style on-demand streaming along with YouTube. YouTube has already been asking the artists for help to promote their upcoming service.

According to the report of Bloomberg, YouTube must overcome several hurdles to meet the March Target.

Nowadays YouTube is the big hub of videos where there are millions of visitors comes every day. YouTube has already seen the growth of their YouTube Red and keeping eyes on that they are going to launch their new Paid Music Feature coming in March 2018.

Our Source: Bloomberg